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Here’s how small businesses and consultants get “win-win contracts”

So they can stop 'nickel-and-dime refund requests', manage scope creep, and handle needy clients.

After 25 years practicing law, I’ve noticed a common barrier to business success.

Small businesses and consultants who start working without a solid client contract in place – hoping they never have scope creep.

(And it always breaks my heart when I watch one wait until there’s an expensive client dispute to deal with this.)

Because a demanding client eats up their profit until they get nickeled and dimed like crazy.

They panic when they realize the contract they “borrowed from a friend” doesn’t actually fit their goals at all.

They even say that working at the mercy of the client’s whim is ‘just part of doing business’.

It might be common, but that’s not necessary.

And it’s certainly not part of a sustainable client relationship.

Some end up spending big money on a law firm, hoping to get the tools they need.

Which lets them:

-manage their clients

-reduce risk

-keep revenue flowing

without spending top dollar…and without confusion over what to do with the contracts they bought.

We can help.

Your client contract should be the loving boundary you set with your clients. It should build the relationship...not tear down trust.
Angie Hooper
Happy At Law LLC

We are different

Or worse, they have to keep going back to that firm every time they have a question.

Because they get stuck buying ongoing ‘legal support’ at an eye-watering hourly rate–over and over again.

But I’ve found that using my ‘win-win contracts’ protects their business and their scope.

And even build better client relationships.

Because our ‘win-win contracts’ let you overcome legalese and have a real conversation with your client.

Our win-win contracts walk you through our 5 essential forms, and show exactly how to use them.

This is a repeatable process with every new client.

No small business ever feels overwhelmed by our contracts because it easily stops alienating their clients with “bad verbiage”.

This allows the client to feel welcomed and valued–and gives the small business the right buttons to push.

So they can get paid for the value they bring to the client.

If you were paying me by the hour to create this, I’d be charging you $300 an hour for 15-20 hours of my time (up to $6,000+).

But I don’t want to be your lawyer.

I want to be your teacher so you can do this for yourself.

When you're ready, click on the button below to check out our free masterclass where I walk you through the exact process we use to teach people DIY their business contracts without compromising their ambition or their Core Values.

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I highly recommend her as a coach!

Angie’s coaching skills, professionalism, and warm personality have helped me feel comfortable in addressing difficult topics and to move forward with clarity and confidence in areas where I had previously felt stuck. Working with her as a coach has been rewarding beyond my expectations and I highly recommend her as a coach!

Vickie S.

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I’m grateful to have Angie as a friend and colleague!

She blasts through the stigma of what others may think of attorneys and helps her fellow colleagues Level UP! I had the pleasure of interviewing Angie on my podcast Time To Shine Today and she dropped some solid Knowledge Nuggets about how she helps attorneys get back to their core values! I’m grateful to have Angie as a friend and colleague!

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Everyone (even coaches) should work with a coach and Angela Hooper is an amazing Coach!!

She asks the best questions and really helped me understand some internal issues I had been struggling with! Her professional yet personable approach made our coaching session comfortable & productive. She has a deep understanding of the resources she utilizes during coaching which makes her an even more effective coach! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of what’s between them and their goals!

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